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We recently launched the IRA Financial app Version 4.1. With it, came some new features, especially on the security side of things. We want our clients privacy to be our top priority. And with that, we’ve implemented some new features in the IRA Financial app that should provide users with more privacy and piece of mind. The app allows one to create and manage his or her self-directed retirement plan all from your mobile device.

IRA Financial App Version 4.1 New Features

NEW SECURITY FEATURE: Two-Step Login Verification

1.      Clients will be given the option to turn on Two-Step Login Verification to receive a verification code by email or text in order to login.

2.      Once Version 4.1 launches, all existing and new app users will receive an alert telling them about the new feature. This alert will give options to ENABLE or CANCEL.

3.      This alert will appear a total of 5 times – the next 5 times they land on the home page.  After that, the alert will stop.

4.      Users can enable, change or disable Two-Step Login Verification at any time in the
MY PROFILE section.

EASIER ACCOUNT ACTIVATION: Activate account by code

1.      New users will get an activation email – just like they do now – but this activation email will contain both an ACTIVATION CODE and an ACTIVATION LINK.

2.      When a new user completes the SIGN UP screen, and they click CREATE ACCOUNT, the next screen will alert them to check their email for activation info.  This screen will also ask for the ACTIVATION CODE.

3.      The user needs to find the email and either 1) enter the ACTIVATION CODE on the app screen OR 2) they must click the ACTIVATION LINK (if they no longer have that app screen open).

NEW FORM:  Representative Authorization

The Representative Authorization form is new in this version. 

Clients can find it under Additional Forms section.

ENHANCED FORM: Beneficiary Designation

Clients will now be able to designate up to 6 primary and 6 secondary beneficiaries.

The app will automatically generate additional Beneficiary Designation forms to accommodate.

What Can You do with the App?

Once you download the IRA Financial app, you can create an account. You can get the app on Google Play or the Apple App Store. Once you create your account, which is easier than ever, you can get started planning your retirement. After verifying your IRA Financial account, now it’s time to pick what type of plan you want. If you are self-employed, you can start a Solo 401(k). All others can choose to create a Self-Directed IRA.

Either plan allows you to self-direct your retirement planning by choosing what types of investments you want to make. You can choose traditional assets, such as stocks, mutual funds and ETFs, or alternative assets, like real estate, precious metals or private businesses. With the app, you can fund your new plan either by direct contribution or rolling over funds from a previous retirement plan.

Once you fund the plan, you are ready to start investing. While you cannot directly invest with the app (not yet at least!), you can see your account balance, the types of investments you make and other important details by checking out your custom reports.

Further, there are a slew of forms that are needed to keep your retirement plan in IRS compliance. Most forms that you need you can find right in the app. As you can see from the IRA Financial Version 4.1 update, we’ve added even more forms. Those can be downloaded and completed right on your device.

Why IRA Financial?

IRA Financial takes our business, and clients, seriously. We feel everyone should have the opportunity to save for retirement and invest the way they want. As the IRA Financial app will show, we want the easiest and most secure way of self-directing possible. Of course, our support team is always there for you if you have any questions. However, you don’t need to talk to someone if you don’t want to!

With technology changing almost on a daily basis, it’s important that businesses keep up with the times. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting on the train, relaxing on the couch or hard at work on your laptop, you always have up-to-date access to your retirement account(s).

We also feel customer support is a top priority. You can reach use via email, telephone or through an online chat on our website. The idea is to streamline your entire experience, whether you are home or away. If you’re thinking about investing in something out or the norm and your current provider does not allow it, look no further than IRA Financial, the best self-directed provider in the industry.

Feel free to contact us at 800.472.0646 or get started creating your account on the all-new IRA Financial app!