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Early Adopter Program Is Live

IRAfi Crypto™ IS HERE!

* When approved as an early adopter, you will be given access to the all new IRAfi Crypto™ Trading App. The “IRAfi Crypto™” button will appear on your dashboard for you to launch directly into trading.

A New Way to Invest in Cryptos

what you need to know

About our New Partner

Bitstamp is the oldest and most reputable cryptocurrency exchange in the industry and has been operating since 2011.

Bitstamp is regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS).

They use 2FA, SSL encryption and cold storage for most of their crypto holdings, and have a dedicated security team working around the clock to prevent and respond to security attacks.

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Trade Over 30 Cryptos

Trade the most popular cryptos including:

about our new app

2023 Timeline

important FAQ

Candidates are usually those most curious to try new things. They are the first to explore the new solution and offer the most feedback for ideas/improvements. We will take feedback and address any issues uncovered during this time.

Our intent is to use April and May to evaluate and improve the solution based on feedback from early adopters. We will release to the public on June 1 or earlier.

  • It is designed for the Novice and Intermediate trader that wants to get started without first mastering a complex trading platform.
  • It has a unique profit and history tracking tool that allows users to have a clear picture of their activities and the outcomes.
  • It has direct education links from each coin to popular education sites like CoinMarketCap to help users learn more about coins to invest in.

Apply to be an Early Adopter

* When approved as an early adopter, you will be given access to the all new IRAfi Crypto™ Trading App. The “IRAfi Crypto™” button will appear on your dashboard for you to launch directly into trading.

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